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This video is very well produced, and the song goes hard! Dee-1 really shows what he can do on these top tier industry beats, and B. Mike of 2-Cent provides a professional backdrop to highlight Dee-1's marketable image.

Can't wait to see what's next on the agenda for Dee-1 and Brandon "B. Mike" Odums', "I HOPE THEY HEAR ME / I HOPE THEY SEE ME" Campaign. Enjoy!

Imagine with me for a second: trumpets, trombones, saxophones, and percussion sounds in the air, intensifying with every step you take until you reach a group of people moving to the sound, a group of New Orleans’ best musicians honoring New Orleans culture. That vision is what New Orleans’ brass bands are all about. Brass bands date back to the 19th century, with the increase in urbanization during England’s Industrial Revolution. Employers began to employ bands in order to decrease political activity by the working class by giving them more entertainment. It grew from there and expanded all across the world. The New Orleans tradition of brass bands began during this expansion in the late 19th Century. From New Orleans bands you can expect a gumbo of sounds inspired by African folk, European military band, funk, jazz and hip hop. These infused sounds make an explosive musical experience you will never forget.

The event most associated with brass bands is the New Orleans Jazz Funeral. A Jazz Funeral is a New Orleans tradition, in which a funeral begins with a slow paced musical selection played by a brass band before the service. After the funeral procession, a brass band plays upbeat music to celebrate the life of the deceased. In New Orleans culture, brass bands stretch beyond funerals, used to promote important causes and messages, represent the end of eras, end weddings and beyond. The tradition of the New Orleans brass band will always live on.
On October 23rd, four New Orleans brass bands will compete in the Red Bull Street Kings. This brass band showcase and competition will end in one band being crowned “Street Kings”. The winner will also receive an all expense paid trip to Santa Monica, California, a three day recording session and a mentorship with a producer in Red Bull Studios. You don’t want to miss out!

Brass bands will march through the Historic Treme area, followed by a second line parade. Can you picture a traditional marching band strolling through America’s oldest African American Neighborhood? The battle will take place “Under The Bridge”, a New Orleans local term referring to an area under the Claiborne Bridge below Interstate 10. This is a popular spot, where a lot of jazz funerals, parades and Mardi Gras Indians’ gatherings take place. The area is close and intimate, and multiplies the sounds of our beloved brass bands.

This event will be legendary, fueled by the rich history of the Treme area. The four brass bands battling it out include Free Agents, The Stooges, To Be Continued and Soul Rebels. One of my favorites is definitely the Soul Rebels Brass Band. This brass band uses a lot of contemporary sounds, such as hip hop and vocals, to create their unique style. One of my favorites by the Soul Rebels is ” Work it Out.” This band certainly makes you want to get out and dance.

The Free Agents Brass Band is a cool group born in Post- Katrina times, known and recognized for their black and white uniforms. This multi-generational group combines tradition with new age funk. A great classic by them is “Move Something”. This song will have you moving as you feel the music go through your body.

The Stooges Brass Band has been around since 1998. The group grew from four local high school students to a band with big sound. Their “It’s About Time” album is a classic; put it on and clear the floor, because it will make you dance.

To Be Continued Brass Band is a young brass band formed back in 2002. The dream became a reality after borrowing instruments from their band director at Carver Senior High School in New Orleans. Their album, “Modern Times”, includes some real classics.

Bands will be judged on appearance, material, energy, musicality, and innovation. All these bands demonstrate strong qualities in each area. So much talent is represented in this battle that it will definitely be hard to make an decision. Come out and Second Line Til You Drop; I promise I will catch you.

Red Bulls Street Kings
Saturday, October 23, 2010
Under The Claiborne Avenue Bridge

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Just in time for October 22nd--the National Day of Action Against Police Brutality/Terrorism--Truth Universal presents the video "Serve and Protect." "Serve and Protect" is taken from Truth Universal's "Self-Determination" release. The song produced by beat smith N.O. Bricks, and the video is shot, directed and edited by Perez and Rome of Nickel Dime Studios.

"Serve & Protect" focuses on police accountability and examines the role of police force in the U.S. and the world. It is based on the book The Velvet Glove and the Iron Fist: An Analysis of U.S. Police by Tony Platt et al. (ISBN 0-935206-02-07) Truth uses personal experiences and observation to put this professional educational analysis into perspective. On the creation of the song and video Truth says, "I've been through quite a bit with police growing up in New Orleans. I've had firsthand experience with everything from outright harassment and assault, to wrongful incarceration at the hands of NOPD officers. It's easy to write an FTP song being Black, (to whatever degree) disadvantaged, and a resident of New Orleans. I wanted to bring something different to the table, and I feel I accomplished that by presenting the incidents in the song, questioning police motives, and attempting to intelligently answer those questions."

This song is dedicated to all of those who have been wrongfully victimized by police. Most of all, this song and video is dedicated to those innocent citizens who have lost their lives at the hands of police.

Build & Destroy,
-Truth Universal

Akoben Ologun
Truth Universal Public Relatons(TUPR)