Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dee-1: "One Man Army (Remix)" Official Video Makes Major Waves in the Music World

Who would have thought hip-hop would provide the next wave of social entrepreneurs? We could not be more proud of this young New Orleans artist who is bringing positivity to the world on a massive scale. Just watch and see where Dee-1 takes hip-hop in the next few years, it is going to be epic.

If you are not usually into hip-hop, I strongly encourage you listening to this song anyway, because the lyricism and powerful message are enough to put goosebumps on almost anyone's arms. And to think he's from the 5-0-4... doesn't it just make you proud to be from New Orleans? It sure makes me proud. Now watch and listen...

Also, here are some of the other blogs and media outlets covering Dee-1's latest music; these are some major market influencers:
The HipHop Chronicle (UK)

I definitely encourage y'all to 'buy his rookie card now, cause after this year, the price ain't going down'. Support good music. It's a cause like any other, with major influence on the way young people think and act. New Orleans is coming up in so many ways, and with Dee-1 on the up an up, there's one more thing we can be proud of claiming on behalf of the Crescent City.