Friday, October 8, 2010

Dee-1's "Jay, 50 & Weezy" Makes Waves in the Hip-Hop community

New Orleans hip-hop artist, Dee-1, recently released a ground breaking video about a dream that he met Jay-Z, 50 Cent and Lil Wayne. The meeting starts off with Dee-1 making a humble introduction, rapping with a New Orleans accent "I grew up listening to all of y'all, from the Block is Hot, to 'Get Rich' to 'Blueprint' I bought it all". He addresses each artist and explains his opinion that basically with their level of success and power they could be doing a lot more to better the communities that support their music. He doesn't go so far as to "diss" the artists, as they have all earned their stature in their own right, but he makes a compelling case for more unity within the hip-hop's most elite circles.

Dee-1 is a force to be reckoned with. Is the mainstream ready for an artist like Dee-1? I think so. Dee-1 exemplifies the balance between flow, content, swagger, and passion that all of the greatest MC's have shown in one way or another. I think Dee-1's message actually allows him to reap massive benefits from potential sponsorships and endorsements as his image and lyrical responsibility make him an ideal candidate to reach a wider cross-over multi-generational audience.

This video is just the beginning. Expect to see more from this young lyrical impresario with his highly anticipated mixtape coming soon; "I Hope They Hear Me 2."

I think the world is finally starting to hear Dee-1, so get in on the ground floor, because we will all reap the benefits of his successes in the music industry. Maybe it will finally be cool again to rap about anything other than sex, drugs and money.