Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Saints Anthem, "Bring 'em to the Dome" by Dee-1 & Shamarr Allen

Two of New Orleans most prominent young musicians, Dee-1 and Shamarr Allen, have recently released their highly acclaimed anthem for the New Orleans Saints, entitled, "Bring em to the Dome". Shamarr Allen is highly regarded as a jazz legend in the making, though his personal musical styles vary well beyond the traditional realms of music genres. This song is no exception. Shamarr and Dee-1 have managed to create a cross-over sound that appeals to the spirit of every New Orleanean, blending rowdy rock riffs with classic brass band and jazz influences, along with hard hitting hip-hop beats and rhymes.

Dee-1 and Shamarr have been working together for several projects now, including two tracks off of Shamarr's most recent album, "Box Who In?". Dee-1 has gained widespread success across the South and around the country after the release of his debut album, "David & Goliath", which also featured Shamarr's talented horn playing and rapping on their classic track, "Rebirth". Both albums are currently available on iTunes.

The new Saints anthem, "Bring em to the Dome", will be available on iTunes in the coming weeks, much to the delight of Saints fans around the state. Various New Orleans club DJ's and radio stations have already picked up the single, and they are currently playing the song on WWOZ, Q93, Power 102.9 and other stations.


CALL IN AND REQUEST - "Bring em to the Dome" by Dee-1 & Shamarr Allen!!!

[Q93]- 504.260.9393
[Power 102.9]- 504.260.1029
[B97]- 504.260.9797
[WWOZ]- 504.568.1234
[WTUL]- 504.865.5885

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