Friday, May 11, 2007

Hip-Hop for Hope: Laying the Groundwork for 2007 and Beyond...

Information about Hip-Hop for Hope 2007

 GOALS: Fundraising, Media Coverage, & Event Development.

 Fundraising Goals: To double or triple last year’s donation of $5,500, by raising anywhere between $10,000 and $15,000 for MLK Jr. Charter School.

 Media Coverage: Gain increased coverage and support from local and regional news affiliates, and begin attracting National media coverage.

 Event Development: Increase the level of community participation, diversify event programming, and expand our mission in order to incorporate various educational programs and internship opportunities.

Fundraising Goal:

To double or triple last year’s donation of $5,500, by raising anywhere between $10,000 and $15,000 for MLK Jr. Charter School.

Why: We believe in making a significant difference in the educational experience for young New Orleans students. The MLK Jr. Charter School for Science and Technology is in the process of rebuilding after setbacks, caused by Hurricane Katrina. We are dedicated to sponsoring them once again in 2007 in order help the school purchase learning supplies and make improvements on their new building, located in the 9th Ward. We are committed to helping restore and rebuild New Orleans, and we believe that education is the key for the city’s long-term sustainability, growth and community.

How: We are actively seeking out grants, sponsorships and private donations that will allow us to run a more cost-effective program, while increasing the level of donations for MLK. We are seeking out well-known local and national artists who are willing to donate their time and talent for our event, therefore minimizing our expenses and maximizing the overall attendance and proceeds. We are working with a number of city, university and community organizations which will donate inexpensive services and resources that will better enable us to fundraise, advertise, and network.

Who: We have teamed up with a number of partners, including Radio Stations (Q93, WTUL, WWNO), Television Programs (Channel 6 News, WWNOA’s Talk To Me New Orleans), Magazines (Offbeat Magazine, Where Y’at, Section 8), Local Business Sponsors (SAV-A-CENTER, Abita Brewing Co., New Orleans Music Exchange) and Music Companies (Tipitina’s, The Tipitina’s Music Office Co-Op, The National Recording Academy, Media Darling Records, 2Cent Entertainment, the Loyola University Music and Entertainment Industry Student Association, and others).

Goals: Media Coverage

» We are developing articles, press releases and PSA’s for 2007, and working with authors, journalists and radio personalities to create interesting and informative press coverage for our event.
» We are in the process of submitting articles for publication in magazines such as Vibe, The Source, and Fader.
» We are consistently seeking out national media outlets such as CNN, NBC, MTV and BET in order to show the positive ways in which Hip-Hop can impact a community, as well as the ways in which New Orleans residents are coming together to help rebuild the city.
» We are constantly networking through on-line magazines, blogs and websites. We have a myspace web-page ( where we have attracted several hundred viewers and friends, as well as an independent website:
» We have established important relationships with local media sponsors including:
» Q93, WTUL, and WNNO
» Offbeat Magazine, Where Ya’t, The Times-Picayune, the Tulane Hullabaloo, and NOLA.Com.
» Channel 6 News & WWNOA’s “Talk to Me New Orleans”.

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