Friday, May 11, 2007

Hip-Hop for Hope 2007: Event Development

 Increase the level of community participation:
 The success of our event is dependent upon community interaction, participation and communication.
 In order to maximize interaction, it is important to utilize a variety of media sources to promote the event, while providing ways in which people can get involved in the process and the event itself.
 By utilizing a variety of media sources, we are able to communicate to a diverse group of people on a number of levels, while setting a positive tone of tolerance, respect and cooperation for the event.
 One way we are seeking to increase involvement is by holding poetry and music showcases for local amateur artists, who will compete for an opportunity to perform at the main event.
 We are seeking out community leaders, students and individuals for their input in order to shape the event around the people it is serving. We are responsive and open to new ideas, and constantly seeking out individuals with specific talents who want to contribute to our mission.

Goals: Expand Event Planning
 Diversify Event Programming:
 Hip-Hop is more than just music; it is a culture that is expressed in a variety of other art forms, including poetry, dance and visual arts.
 In order to increase artist participation and the overall appeal of the event, we are seeking to expand our events in 2007 to include spoken word performances, break dancing and step competitions, DJ and MC battles and graffiti art.
 We are seeking out nationally acclaimed poets such as Asali Devan, Sunni Patterson, and Shelton “Shakespeare” Alexander, as well as other local spoken word poets.
 Devan is a dedicated poet and community activist, as well the founder of a service based Poetry Festival, the Akoben Poetry Festival.
 Patterson and Alexander are both talented spoken word artists, and were recently featured in Spike Lee’s Hurricane Katrina documentary, “When the Levee’s Broke”.
 Diversify community programs.
 More artistic diversity leads to a more accurate representation of Hip-Hop culture with a positive message, and will increase participation from a variety of individuals.
 Diverse programming will inevitably lead to greater interest in the event from a variety of different individuals and groups, while opening up our event to a broader range of media outlets.
 The use of different art forms throughout the event, will help encourage young people to use art, in any form, as a means of expression, communication and positive affirmation of self. The various sights, sounds, smells and tastes of such a diverse event will lead to the ultimate experience for the audience, thereby enhancing the events’ viability and credibility for future years.

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