Friday, May 11, 2007

Artist Profiles: Truth Universal

Truth Universal is like the unofficial sage M.C. for New Orleans. Truth has been at it for a while now, enlightening listeners and moving the crowd. Check him out.

The following biographical information comes from:

Name: MC Truth Universal/Tajiri Kamau
Birthplace: Trinidad
Residence: New Orleans
Occupation: Warrior MC
Birthdate: Remotest Antiquity

Any true Emcee, B-boy, DJ, Graff Writer, Producer, or any participant in the Hip Hop art form knows that the art should remain in tradition of the pioneers. Enter Truth Universal: A Trinidad born New Orleans based MC, who is dedicated to the preservation of Hip Hop and the cultivation and liberation of the Afrikan (Black) community. Consciousness of the oppression of people of color worldwide is expressed in his strategic and iconoclastic compositions. Truth draws from the strength and/or example of the Divine Intelligence/Creative Force, the Ancestors, his family, Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five, Public Enemy, Just-Ice, KRS1, Poor Righteous Teachers, Z-3 MC's, Dana Dane and Clark Kent, Slick Rick and Dougie Fresh, Gang Starr, Eric B and Rakim, George & Jonathan Jackson, and Assata Shakur to name a few. Truth has affiliation with Advanced Ideas Music, Son Of Soul Music/Cross Country Gold Medalists, and 12 Fact Productions. He is preparing to release his initial full length project--"Decolonization," which promises to be a monumental offering!

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