Friday, May 11, 2007

Artist Profiles: J-Dubble

My boy... the one and only, doing his thing. I have much respect for this man, check him out at

J-Dubble represents the new movement in Hip-Hop today. Being a southern artist from Marrero, located across the river from New Orleans, He displays an old school style with a new school sound of music. Reminding listeners of the golden era of Hip-Hop when you could create any type of music and have a good time doing it.

For example: Run-DMC mixed with J-Dilla. Breaking away from the stereotypes of Southern artists in the Big Easy, J-Dubble manages to avoid the typical rhyme patterns of bling-bling, booty shaking, drug dealing, and gun-totting the latter two only happening in the movies type of music.

"Right now everyones tired of hearing about your car, how many women you have or how many guns you bust. People want music and thats what Im going to give them", says J-Dubble.

J-Dubble establishes a unique sound blending in harmonizing vocals with truthful lyrics and a style that resembles no other artist out right now. J-Dubble supplies the industry and city with a breath of fresh air with various musical influences ranging from J-Dilla to Michael Jackson.

Background by a deep voice and a passion for making good music, J-Dubbles music and lyrics tells its own story. On his brand new album, Rock-Box Music J-Dubble displays a versatility to speak on a array of topics such as being an only child to admitting his personal struggles with life. The former English major believes that artists are not being real with their fans and thats where he differs.

"Im the everyday persons rapper, I go through the same things that they go though. So listeners can relate to me and my music because Ive been in the same scenarios that they have. I think thats how I make my connection with the fans and they make their connection with me," says J-Dubble.

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